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PT. Euroasiatic Jaya is a PMA company which owned by a German which is dealing with Deutz/ MWM gas engine and genset, turbine, boiler, coogeneration and etc. Our product and services is as follow :

1. Power Generation
- Diesel Engine Plants
- Gas Engine Plants
- Gas Turbine Plants
2. Firing Systems for Boilers & Plants :
- Solid Fuel Fired Solutions
- Gas Fired Solutions
- Liquid Fuels ( HFO, HSD, etc)
- Waste Gas & Off Gases
- Dual Fuel Firing
3. Power Plants :
- Mains/ Islands Set Up
- Open Cycle
- Co-Generation ( Steam Generators, Absorption Chiller, Hot Air Generators, Hot Water Generators, Combinations)
- Combined Cycle
4. Thermal Generation :
- Industrial Steam Boilers
- Thermal Oil Heaters
- Waste Heat Recovery Systems
- High Pressure Vessels
- Industrial Burners & Combustion Equipment

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